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Mermaids swimming with mantas


Stay tuned in my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Katrinfelton New videos of mermaids swimming with mantas coming soon Join mermaid Kat's mermaid academy and have the adventure of your life: http://underwatermodel.info/ — с Nora Li, Andrei Goldobenko, Adriano Trapani, Maria Gold, Mickey Lynch, Rob Orriss, Ian Gray and Spencer Felton.

Dharana Retreat Center | Morning Excursions


You know when you move out into nature and sit down under a tree, noticing a soft breeze on your skin - feels great right? Sitting out there in a natural environment can greatly help you to go deeper in your practice to taste your inner nature. But... wait a second. What is nature and what is not? We normally think that trees are nature, birds, clouds and forests are nature. We think that waterfalls and mountains are nature. However we also believe that cities are not nature, cement structures are unnatural, machines and cars etc. are also not nature - am I right? Please think again. Are these things not consisting of atoms? Are those atoms not consisting of quarks? Are those quarks not manifestations of energy? Is energy not nature? Are atoms not nature? Is there anything in the universe that is not nature? Including our self, humankind and what we do, what we use and what we are made of - is this not nature? As you clearly see, the point is to reveal that "inside" and "outside" are merely conceptions, simply ideas or creations of a thinking mind. Enjoy our video from our morning excursions http://phuket-meditation.com

Ocean on the Phuket mountain


by Phuket Gazette Yoga instructor Ocean Bloom invited Phuket Today to join her sunset session on Big Buddha hill. With incredible views across Kata and Phuket Town, the yoga session was more celebration of life than cathartic contemplation. — в The Big Buddha - Nakkerd Hill - Phuket.



VDO, Grading - Kirill Bodrov Cast - Alena Malu Make-up & Hair-dress artist - Anna Maximova Special thanks to: Sergey Sunseeker, Denis Kurilchik, Ruben Medzhlumyan, Pavel

Aluxee e-Fashion - Prepare to be blown away!


Models : Katrin Felton & Natalia Petrikova Location : Xana Beach Club, Phuket, Thailand by AluxeeFashion

массаж в Тайланде


Единая справочная на Пхукете - массаж в Тайланде by Дима Вялков·

Mermaid Kat 's Story


Mermaid Kat 's Story by Navigator Channel CH 2,PA Cable by iseafilm production·

Saves the ocean by Mermaid Kat


Unified directory of Phuket - Saves the ocean by Mermaid Kat w/ Navigator channel CH2 by iseafilm production·

Fashion on the beach@ Jungcylon


Unified directory of Phuket - Fashion on the beach@ Jungcylon Via navigator CH2 ,PA cable ISeaFilmProduction

Выставка яхт Pimex 2013 @ Royal Phuket Marina


Единая справочная на Пхукете - Выставка яхт Pimex 2013 @ Royal Phuket Marina RusphuketTV

Central Summer Festival fashion show


Unified directory of Phuket - Central Summer Festival fashion show by Phuketandamannews Fanclub

фотограф на Пхукете Dmitry Ersler


Единая справочная на Пхукете - фотограф на Пхукете Dmitry Ersler

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